How do you define “Transformation”? For me it’s a change that is good. When I am transforming, I undergo a change that’s positive. 

My recent example is of being a “writer”.

The very first step towards transformation is “Inspiration”, I got inspiration for writing by reading my favorite author Robin Sharma. I have personally observed so many changes in my thought process. I also have my writing inspiration from Dr. Atthreya, he is the one who believed I can write hence I started on 16th July.

So having “Inspiration” for something is first step towards, “transformation”.

The next step is “Learning”, I than started researching methods and do’s and dont’s of “writing”. I read many books, articles and blogs. There is a 30 days video course on writing your first book. I did watch that 30 days video too. I learned few basic things and got started. Of course I won’t expect to start when I become Gulzar or Javed Akhtar.

You start today! There is power in “Now”, “Take Action today”. 

While learning is 2nd step towards transforming, the 3rd and most important step is “Action”.

What if I only get “Inspiration” or if I only “Learn”. Only being inspired or learning is not enough. 

The real success lies in “Action”. Take action today. As I say the real power is in “Now”.

I got inspiration and learning for how to write, I started posting a few quotes. These were experiential “quotes”. These small quotes and sharing experiences on these quotes was the start. 

Later it transformed for writing my first book.
Hence I say inspiration + learning + action results in real transformation.

Cheers, stay transformed! 

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