During a discussion with one of my students, I recollected my initial days of college, how I was finding it difficult to even communicate with my peers, leave alone professors. I felt I was in a  “Pending” status.

During this process and in the last 12 years, what I have realised is that I learned a lot. Primarily, I learned from my observations. I didn’t stop there; as soon as I learned something new, I ensured that I immediately implemented what I had learned.

Initially, communication was challenge to me. If I came across a new phrase or word, I ensured that I practised it immediately. This helped me retain my observations longer and gradually started using those words in my routine conversations.

While I have moved from “Pending” to “WIP,” I am still in “WIP”. Learning again from my observation.

Now I am observing a different set of people—my co-workers, my supervisors and especially my mentors. I have also started reading biographies of different personalities. I recently read biography of our Prime Minister. Next on the list is Elon Musk.
According to me, “one learns most through observations. And one observes those with whom he spends most of his/her time”.

“Choose your companions wisely”. Remember the law of 33%, which says 33% of your time you should spend with the people reporting to you, 33% with your peers and 33% with people whom you see as mentors.

I always try to balance and in 2016 I have been able to  balance my equation. I have met so many mentors who have shaped my feelings, thoughts and actions towards my goal.

What is your equation?

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