​JJ School of Employability

..take a deep dive into your self. They say your outer world is the reflection of your inner world. What’s going in there?

An individual is the sum total of “Nature” (the inborn talent) and “Nurture” (the acquired talent).

How do we know what’s my blend, my inborn talent? What’s my nurtured talent?

At times we come across people who love what they do, but don’t earn enough. We also see the opposite who earn enough but aren’t satisfied from within.

We say, “Nature + Nurture” = “Success + Happiness”.

At JJ School of Employability, we work on both the aspects in 3, 2 hours 121 coaching. We start with taking personality assessment, strength based leadership and finger print analysis.

Further, we deep dive into looking at 7 areas of life. Right from Health to Spirituality. All of them are equally important.

An important introspection exercise is B/S of 86400 seconds. Here we identify what’s the availability of time and how we can best allocate it to get the maximum output on our goals.

We further move to look at creating your professional profile. We do create your online presence at different job portals and social media website. This helps project yourself better. We further go deeper and create your profile (resume) and cover letter. This is being designed by an expert.

Once your portfolio is prepared we will take a session on your body language and interview skills. Along with it you will be given certain tips to create wow impression on interviewer.

We will also tell you how 1st 60 seconds in any interview is the deciding factor on how rest of your performance in the interview will be. By designing your TMAY.

Now comes an important part where we will do a mock interview with the participant.

The journey begins by you attending interview at your desired company.

At the end you will be gifted a autographed book written by your coach on “Empowering Youth”.



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