Life brings uncertainty every day and some of them are really challenging. But have your ever wondered if you have ever walked towards uncertainty? What if you walk towards it? What is the mindset that’s required? How will be your internal system (thoughts, feelings and emotions)? How will be fluctuations in your internal world? 

At one moment you are on the top and the very next moment you feel like giving up. I am experiencing these emotions at this very moment.

Trying to stay firm but the fact is total different from reality.

What I only have is belief in my thoughts and vision. Seriously.

My vision and thoughts for “JJ School of Employability” got a postmortem yesterday when I met one of my frined. He asked me lot of questions on my start up. What’s the value addition in the entire value chain. This was really insightful session with him. Got lot of different views on my product. He also recommended me a book “blue ocean strategy”. Another addition to my reading list 2016.

In the rides of emotions, I am currently into, I am undergoing lot of challenges right from what will happen on 1st Jan 2017? What will be my schedule? Will I be able to make new clients? And much more. 

Let me loot at history, in last 12 years in Mumbai. I have taken tough decisions. Be it from residing in hostel to walking from Sion to Vikhroli on 26th July 2006. There was also an instance where I was required to put in comparatively extra amount for rent. The biggest risk till now was taking a loan for my new house in 2015.

In all the above scenarios I was firm with my mindset. I had support from family and extended family of friends.

Today at this juncture when I have decided to move on my own, I have a very strong support. Support from my better half. She is firm and supportive all along. Without her support it would have not been possible. Thank you for that Deepali.

I also had discussion with few of my mentors who had taken similar path earlier in their career. They had enough surplus that would have helped survive them for 2 years etc. But no money is sufficient, it only gives breathing space and a little cutionning. I feel once you are in the middle of ocean, you tend to bring best out of you.

Limits are only in your thoughts. My unique proposition will be great help to individuals who are aspiring to become more employable and bring a champion out of them.



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