When I attended #TTST, I was convinced that I needed a coach, and I was also sure that Brig Bhasin is a coach who is experienced, capable and passionate. What I surely had was a burning desire to enrol into the programme. But what I did not have was the money. I called him for advice. First, I was surprised that without an ado of a secretary to filter my call, he responded to my call, heard me patiently, and then explained in a logical manner. “I am not offering you a personal development programme alone. I am also offering you a business. Can you start a business without an investment? And if you save from your salary, gather money to start a business, how many years will you take? What will be the worth of that money when you accumulate it? Most business start with a loan. So, if you don’t have money to spare  borrow it. I found the reasoning so convincing that I arranged it from sources. Got it. And joined his course. 2 of his 9 sessions were over. First, because of a Buddy system he has instituted, my buddy briefed me. I made my notes. I also had a chance to go through live video recordings. To back it all, he took a personal 2-hours session to bring me to the level of the third session. I was touched by his passion and personal involvement. 

In the last couple of days, I am undergoing bigger transformation. #TTST coming to a completion, leaving us with lot of “food for thought” and time to come into an action mode. The 1:1 session with my coach Brig Sushil Bhasin, lead to set 3rd biggest goal for this year. Never wondered if I could even achieve 1. But this year it’s 3rd biggest goal that I am achieving. How?

I am listening to the whisper of silence. 

I am listening to the unspoken words.

But is just listening enough? 

Definitely the answer is no. Follows the action. Actions that requires big steps. I am taking those decisions. And as they say “darr ke aage jeet hai” I am experiencing it after every big decision I am taking.

It is shaping me to become stronger.

I remember, very clearly, that before joining #TTST I was doing multiple things. Be it from taking lectures to career counselling to trainings. Now I am focused on my niche which I found after careful analysis and following a process which was a part of #TTST

Before #TTST  was scattered now I can say I am structured. I am focused.

Before #TTST I tried to take a decision to move on my own but step back twice. I was not confident of myself. After #TTST I have firmly decided to move on and I have done that. Sure-footed, balanced and steady.

The best part of joining the #TTST was the evening when I called Brig. to take his opinion on the book. I further discussed about my future plan. He invited me to his place to discuss it personally. We talked for about 2 hours. He was selflessly giving direction and supported me.
I joined #TTST in 3rd session I was late. I had borrowed money from friends. Because I saw value. Now I can say “I experienced value.”.
More to come; to watch the value of #TTST follow my progress on my wall.

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