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My 1st Book, an inspiring journey

​Robin Sharma has a very impressive quote which goes like this: "Consistency is the mother of mastery." The only one reason I was able to write my 1st book was because I was consistent towards my efforts of writing. An earlier blog talked about "How I wrote my 1st...

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Make success your identity! 

While attending a workshop by Peter Sage, he defined success as 80% psychology and 20% techniques. Meaning 80% it's mindset and only 20% strategy and techniques. What a great thought! Peter also stressed on how there are 3 layers to process and convert any information...

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Do you measure your PPC?

In Economics we call PPC as production possibility curve. I have a curve that I call P (Perseverance), P (Passion) and C (Commitment). My PPC curve helps me stay focused. As for any goal that I pursue I put it on my PPC curve. That's the reason I could over achieve my...

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#ttst, a wisper of silence

When I attended #TTST, I was convinced that I needed a coach, and I was also sure that Brig Bhasin is a coach who is experienced, capable and passionate. What I surely had was a burning desire to enrol into the programme. But what I did not have was the money. I...

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Opportunities lies in flashes of thoughts!

​ In my 1:1 meeting with Dr. Attreya he rightly mentioned "Opportunities lies in flashes of thoughts" don't miss it. Just pen it down immediately.  Wow! What at point. Yes, I completely agree to it. Opportunities lies there. What you do once a thought has flashed...

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