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How do you define "Transformation"? For me it's a change that is good. When I am transforming, I undergo a change that's positive.  My recent example is of being a "writer". The very first step towards transformation is "Inspiration", I got inspiration for...

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What’s the colour of your thread?

When I observe a bad day or a good day, I further try to understand the root of that feeling. In this process, there is just an incidence (might be a small argument, a just lost deal or for that matter loosing the daily train). And this incidence becomes a driving...

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“Do” help to “Get” help

​ I firmly believe in this quote. From the childhood till today there have been so many instances which I can narrate here. The one that's on top of my mind, here we go:- How I got help:- I was in T.Y.B.com in the year 2007 and we were approaching exam days. Once the...

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What’s your fuel to your brain?

Well, what I have realised is that we act differently in different situations. Why? At times we are excited about things and at times we are not. What I have understood is "our thoughts acts as fuel to our brain". What are your thoughts for the day?  Is there any...

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Do you aspire to inspire?

...I say to my self daily, to whom am I going to inspire today apart from self. Wow! What a practice! I do a lot of self motivating exercise like recognizing one self. Giving feedback where ever necessary to improve. Lot of "self time" I spend daily. That helps...

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