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The Man

Jogesh Jain is an Employability Coach based in Mumbai, India. He has touched the lives of 5000+ students with his sessions in last five years. His research about Employability is widespread and encompasses twenty-five top economies of the world. Future skills are the need of the hour. Jogesh is simultaneously working on children so that they imbibe Employability Skills at a childhood level. The customized summer camps are designed keeping the 3 C’s in mind—Confidence, Courage and Competence. Apart from being an Employability Coach, Jogesh also focuses on the overall development of a child.

Choosing the right career is the starting point for a child for getting into a corporation. Jogesh has helped hundreds of students make right career choices. He uses multiple assessment and personality tests, which are combined to bring out the desired output. Jogesh believes that if ‘Nature’ and ‘Nurture’ are mixed, you get ‘Success’ and ‘Happiness’.

Beyond Academics

His Mission

“Our country is adding 32% to the population of the youth every year, whereas the rest of the world population is reducing by 4%. What are we going to do with this Human Capital? On one hand, we see lakhs of students passing out every year and on the other, we have corporates demanding the right candidate. Where is the gap? My research says there are gaps in the Employability Skills. When are these skills taught? During school, college or during one’s master’s? To a large extent, it is during one’s childhood—parenting is the key.

How is having a willful mindset the key? How does naming your resume file in an email attachment become the deciding factor for the company to open up your profile and have a glance? How do 67% of the interviewers decide within sixty seconds of you entering the interview room, whether to take you or not? What are the five key things that an interviewer looks into when he/she browses through your profile?

How does your TMAY (Tell Me something About Yourself) become a deciding factor on setting the tone for your interview?

Do you know what kinds of questions should be asked in an interview? Yes, the interviewee should also ask questions. After all, it’s called an interview (Interchange of views).

Join me in the mission of making India more employable. Let’s do it together!”

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