Creating an OSM (Orbit Shifting Mindset) Mindset©

How a winning mindset is created? In a class, teaching is given to everyone at the same time, so why do some score 90% and others struggle to pass? Science has proven time and again that your outer world is the product of your inner world. What is outer world? What is inner world?

Let me introduce you to a new, different paradigm for students, using the techniques of NLP and Life Coaching. Together we have built a program that focuses on bringing out a champion from a student. We work on giving up on limiting beliefs and creating a winning mindset.

These techniques are used by CEOs, senior managers and leaders to constantly work on giving an outcome that’s better than earlier.

Someone once asked me, “What is the outcome of this 3 hours’ workshop followed by 30 minutes 1:1 coaching, 15 minutes with parents and 15 minutes with students?” We cover following:-

  1. Creating a winning mindset.
  2. Questioning the belief system and relooking at it.
  3. Exercise and Q&A session
  4. 1:1 coaching with parents and students with a specific agenda, primarily focusing on outcome and objective.

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