It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will help in understanding the unique inborn potential and personality. DMIT Test Technique has long been developed by the scientist Dr. Howard Gardner and medical experts. DMIT Analysis is based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. Know your Strength and weakness by DMIT Test Report based on Dermatoglyphics and brain analysis.

Benefits from DMIT finger print analysis report:-

  1. For Children – Many a times, money and efforts are wasted by parents pushing their children in the wrong direction (unaware of the options available), in pursuit of irrelevant courses and classes. With the help of our report you will be able to constructively work on your child’s future and make sure that you are improving his/her natural abilities. You will match nature with nurture.
  1. For Individual – This report can drastically help you understand yourself better and in detail. It will help you figure out the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your professional or personal life, discover talents that you were previously unaware of, and even help save the dreams and ambitions that you once had.
  1. For Family – Many families find that over the years they are unable to comprehend each other’s behavior and actions due to their differing personalities. With the help of our report, you will be able to better understand your family members, the things that drive them and even those that drive them away.
  1. For Relationships – A lot of frustrations and problems in relationships develop due to the lack of effective communication. Our analysis will help determine the communication gap and also the method to overcome it. Understanding the right way to communicate with your partner can drastically improve the quality of your relationship with loved ones. The analysis is applicable to all kinds of relationship – couple, friends, business and partners. It helps build better compatibility between the people involved.
  1. For Corporates – Our corporate reports can be used at various stages of employment. Whether you are looking at a pre-employment screening for the right candidate or restructuring your organization to maximize efficiency, our reports will help you arrive at the answer.


For Children

  1. Identify his/her best learning style and characteristic.
  2. Locate his/her innate talents and weakness.
  3. Customize your child’s learning program and methodology.
  4. Save time and money by investigating the best career opportunity.
  5. Improved relation between child and parents.

For Individuals

  1. Understand yourself; choose the right career.
  2. Identify and harness your core competency.
  3. Identify your learning and leadership style.
  4. Identify your EQ, IQ, AQ and CQ.
  5. Empower self for achieving goals and dreams.
  6. Invest in yourself smartly for personal development.

For Corporates

  1. Place right person at right job.
  2. Ensure pre-employment screening.
  3. Empower your staff by knowing their talents.
  4. Produce your all-star team.
  5. Evaluate your management level talents profile.

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