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While there are lakhs of students passing out every year, there are also a lot of requirements that are being published from time to time. The current employability percent ranges from 18% – 40%. While there is an extensive supply of individuals who are graduates, we see corporations which have their demands unfulfilled. On further analysis, we understand that there is a gap between what corporates expect v/s what is available. Right from communication to technical exercise there is a gap, and we bridge this gap with 9 step approach. Each step has a unique requirement and there is a strategic objective of aligning them in this order.

9 step approach has successfully transformed many lives. Look at the 9 steps given below. This is a customizable module based on individual requirement. It spreads across 1.5 hours of 3 coaching session so total of 4.5 hours of 1:1 coaching. We cover all the mentioned below steps in 1:1 coaching.

  1. Understanding Natural Talent:- This is done with the help of finger print analysis. We understand your innate talent with the help of this report. This will also give us your personality type and your learning style.
  1. 16 Personality Assessment:- It is a psychometric assessment that displays your personality type and presents what key strength and weakness you might have.
  1. Strength Finder 2.0:- This assessment helps us understand your top 5 strengths. This further helps us to coach you and also understand your brain patterns.
  1. Conditioning Interview Skills:- Interview skills are the key to winning any interview. What are the do’s and don’ts of an interview? How should you approach any question that you might have? What are the questions that you should ask during interview?
  1. Making strong online presence:- Getting your online presence strong such that a company can directly connect with you. Yes, it is possible. With a lot of social media presence, you can directly connect with your target audience and even your target audience will be in a position to reach you.
  1. Building a winning resume:- How to move from a simple copy-paste task to designing winning resume? As part of coaching program we will build a resume for you along with cover letter.
  1. Designing TMAY:- The very start of your interview is: “tell me something about yourself.” A research has confirmed that 67% of the interviewer judge an interviewee in first 60 seconds of the interview.
  1. Coaching on Body Language:- ~70% of the time, your nonverbal communication plays an important role in overall communication. Are you aware about the ideal body language? How should your eye contact be? What does it represent if you do not have proper eye contact?
  1. Mock Interview:- We also take mock interview before you hit the ground running. This helps you reach that confidence level and also a net practice is done before the actual match.

With the help of employability coaching we try to bridge the gap between what corporates demands v/s what colleges currently offers. With the help of this unique 1:1 signature coaching program, we spend time nurturing candidates on various parameters ranging from interview skill to designing their TMAY and providing interview tips.

This signature program has helped many individuals get their desired jobs. With the help of this unique program we try to equate “Nature” + “Nurture” = “Success” + “Happiness”

With the above mantra we bridge the employability gap. Do give us an opportunity to mould you to make a better you.

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