Toy Library

What if we issue toys from a library like we do with books? J. J. School of Employability has made this possible via “Holistic Development Center” across India. We have got 200+ toys catering to 8 different intelligences from the age group of 1 to 10.

This concept integrated with biometric assessment helps us design entire portfolio of the student. We match the activities of the children with their intelligences. This not only helps to develop the not-so-strong areas but also helps us make strong areas stronger.

In this fast pace economy the only thing that’s constant is change. Everything is changing very fast. The span of attention of children is very low and a toy which is new now becomes a routine in next 20 minutes.

So why to invest thousands of rupees in owning these toys if you can rent the same? J. J. School of Employability brings to you this unique facility at our Holistic Development Center across India.

The key benefits of these concepts are:-

  1. Save the amount of investment, instead provide a variety of toys in lesser amount.
  2. Variety of toys based on different intelligences.
  3. Easy to use toys for all the kids ranging from 1-10 year of age.
  4. Portfolio of different toys to be used will be made available to you with expert counseling.

Let’s connect these toys with their skills and make them more employable. Make them the decision maker, problem solver and make their strong with their mindset.

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