80% Psychology and 20% Techniques

While attending a workshop by Peter Sage, he defined success as 80% psychology and 20% techniques. Meaning 80% it’s mindset and only 20% strategy and techniques.

What a great thought!

Peter also stressed on how there are 3 layers to process and convert any information into action.

Level 1:-  It’s at academic level, it’s about knowing what you should/should not do. As an example smoking is not good for health is not something that people aren’t aware of. They are aware but awareness doesn’t result into action.

Level 2:- Here you associate your emotion with awareness. You know smoking is not good for health and someone from your family insists you shouldn’t smoke, may be your child you get emotional and at that emotional highness you take a decision to quit smoking. 

Here that action takes place. You quit smoking but it’s not permanent. It’s for a specific period of time only.

Level 3:- This is deeper, here you make your awareness your identity. You have become the one who never smoke. It’s easy for you to do things if it has become your identity.

How can we make success your identity? Think of anything that’s easy for you to do. Is it getting up early? Is it sitting and studying for long hours with concentration? Is it planning your travel in detail? Anything that’s too easy for you is your L3, it’s your identity. 

On any of the information at L1 or L2 is yet to become your identity.

I say make success your identity. It’s 80% mindset and only 20% strategy and technique.

Think through and have a successful day!