70% of my book is written in travel from Dombivali to Powai

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​Is it really possible? Yes, but difficult.

When the thought about writing a book came to me, the question wasn’t really whether I could or couldn’t. “The real question was about the availability of time.”

10 hours in office, 3 hours of travelling–after spending majority of time in these areas I wasn’t really left with much of productive time. 

First of all I wanted to establish that mindset that yes, I have time. In small denominations if not together. I identified various areas where my time was wasted. I could see that travel was a big junk where I could capitalise.

Even when travelling, I found that I was much more productive while going to the office as compared to while coming back. 

In the meanwhile, I saw a 30 days course on YouTube that helped me create a base for my writing. I completed that module in a week’s time and at the end of the module I was very much clear on why I wanted to write a book, who would be my audience, the title and the content of the book. 

As I started, I did a backward calculation. I had the end date in mind. I asked myself one simple question: “What do I have to do today to complete my book on 31st December, 2016?” It gave immense results.

The guidance of my mentor, Dr. Attreya, helped me a lot. He narrated his experience of writing 30 books in 2 hours to me. What more could I need?

He further shared a few insights such as:-

  1. Create a “0” draft first. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Just write.
  2. Rewrite. Yes, once a “0” draft is completed it is important to rewrite. I observed that it really helps.
  3. Try publishing your work in multiple languages. Even if you do it at a later point of time, do it.
  4. Make use of the latest tools available like Amazon and Flipkart. Publishing has become very easy these days.
  5. Have an end date in mind. And keep a daily target.

70% of my book was written while travelling from Dombivli to Powai and while returning. I used to write pointers and refine it once I got back home. I was very passionate about writing my first book.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the PPC curve. Here I applied it for 1st time. It helped a lot.

If you really wish to write your 1st book, then go for it. There is no right time other than “Right now!”

Happy writing.