My PPC P (Perseverance), P (Passion) and C (Commitment).

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In Economics we call PPC as production possibility curve. I have a curve that I call P (Perseverance), P (Passion) and C (Commitment). My PPC curve helps me stay focused. As for any goal that I pursue I put it on my PPC curve. That’s the reason I could over achieve my 2016 goals.

Design your own PPC curve that will help you stay focused. 

I had a goal of writing a book by Dec 2016. When I plot my goal on my PPC curve. I could achieve my goal by Oct 25th. Yes, it’s possible.

How I plot it? I see what is the combination of PPC that’s required. Is it more of commitment or passion? Is it perseverance that matter the most? It differs from goals to goals. Design your PPC today!

Take action today, identify your strengths and design your own curve. Your own style and your game plan to achieve your goals.

It’s possible, the only thing that’s “Rocket Science” is Rocket science.