There is a Jogesh in every home, who is not confident that he can get his dream job and I want to help that Jogesh.

My family suffered a business loss of 4 crore. From Affluence we dropped to nothing. That took a beating on my confidence. I failed in 7th Standard. I could not speak English well.

Friends used to laugh at me, make fun of me. I was determined to change the way things were. From that situation in life, coming to Mumbai, the city of my dreams, getting employed by TCS and JP Morgan was a big deal for me.

But it didn’t happen by chance. I executed a clear plan in my mind to make it happen. And when I took my first salary to my parents, they had tears in their eyes. They had for the longest time, not seeing all that money together.

I know there is a Jogesh in every home, who is struggling, from lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, lack of needed communication skills, lack of belief in their own self and their ability and therefore is settling for less.

I want to help that Jogesh, help him train his mind again, teach him the needed skills to crack the interview and get his dream job and dream package.

There was no one to teach me, so I had to figure it all by myself. I don’t want anyone to be alone in this journey anymore.

I Want To Help You!

In order to help every Jogesh, I have created a pre-recorded course which contains a carefully crafted framework, which has helped many aspirants get their dream job and dream hike in their salaries.

This framework can help you to achieve the same for yourself so that you can live the life of freedom, life of your dreams, and not have to settle for less.

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Be The Mentor You Never Had!

I am on a mission to impact 10 Million aspirants to get the job of their dreams, earn the money that they deserve and not just what they are given. But I know I cannot do it alone. It takes aa village!

And that’s why I want 10000 other mentors to become the mentors they never had. I want to enable you become that mentor so that together we can impact 10 million aspirants.

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